Welcome to the living Dao

What is Dao?

The Way of Dao is not a practice but recognition,

therefore, it is also called "awakening".

Dao belongs neither to the East nor to the West. It is not a religion or a philosophy. It is not a theory or a life approach. Dao is reality in itself. It could also be translated with the word "truth", "reality" or "being".
I am Chinese, and therefore I call it Dao. But I also use this word, to avoid a fixed image appearing in your mind because you can never understand Dao with your mind. Dao is beyond all your experiences and concepts. Dao is what you have never thought and what you have never experienced. Only with your heart you can perceive Dao.
Dao is all-embracing and without limit.

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Short Way

Do not try to understand Dao with your mind.

I speak from my heart to your heart,

and I hope that my words touch you,

like a medicine, which is spreading slowly through your whole body.

The way of Living Dao is a short way. For two thousand years Dao was passed down almost entirely in secret. Therefore, the long way shaped almost all religions and philosophies as well as our perception of the world.
The long way, and therefore our great religions and philosophies, assumes that Dao, our true being, can be achieved only through hard work and by a step-by-step approach. With the long way, only those who enter a monastery to retreat from life, live abstemiously and morally, practice a lot of exercises, meditate and pray everyday have a chance to get closer to Dao and unfold their Buddha-nature; their own divinity.
The short way is a completely different approach: You are already perfect; you are like Buddha, Jesus or Lao Tzu. You've only forgotten it.

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Dalibei, Qidao and Anxi can be your start.

But a real start will only be born

when your trust becomes the soul of these three practices

The combination of these three practices creates a force that in everyday life will permanently push you out of the ego and into Dao. Never carry out these three practices as a chore or duty, do them with dedication.
In us humans, there are three major activities: our thoughts or mind, our language and our physical form. The three practices act on all these three levels: With Dalibei (bows) we express our devotion to Dao with our physical bodies. We give our whole being to Dao. We exchange our normal life for a life in Dao. With the Qidao (prayer) we use language to express our devotion to the Dao with words. This way we reconnect our consciousness with Dao. With the Anxi (break) we express our mental devotion to Dao. We open our mind and our heart to Dao and let our mind and our heart fully enter into the vitality of Dao. In the moment when this happens, the ego has a complete break and only then Dao can unfold and operate within us. Through these three practices Dao receives more space in our life.

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Master Shangshi

Master Shangshi

Master Shangshi was born in Changsha a city in the province Hunan. Since his childhood he felt the longing for freedom of being, because he realized how people are trapped in their problems and worries, and how unable they are to detach. He himself was not free either, caught in his karma, in his own life story.
Hoping to liberate himself out of this prison he studied qigong methods for years and other deep ancient Daoist practices. He learned Kung Fu and Tai Chi and even tried to find a solution to his problems in traditional Chinese. He studied acupuncture, herbal medicine, the Yi Jing and Feng Shui, but none of these techniques could solve his problems completely or answer his deepest question: How can I become absolutely free?

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